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With the donations from many of our clients, Gamewatchers Safaris are pleased to announce that we raised approximately USD$15,000 in 2014 towards our Porini Community Outreach Projects. With these incredibly generous contributions, these funds are making a difference to thousands of lives. The projects include:

1) The Ol Kinyei Bursary Fund: This fund assists students in covering essential education-related costs and ensures that they are able to complete important stages in their education, which is a crucial step in guaranteeing a solid career path.

2) Koiyaki Guiding School Scholarship Fund: The donations allows for a student to be enrolled in a certificate course in Tour Guiding and Operations by the Kenya National Examination Council. Donations assist with payments for tuition, meals, school trips, excursions and accommodation.

3) Porini Boma Strengthening Programme: This programme involves reinforcing the traditionally constructed boma (enclosures) with chain-link fencing, treated wooden posts and secured gates to prevent predators from entering the Maasai village and livestock enclosures. This ensures that predators who target their natural prey are no longer threats to the community.

4) Porini Conservancies Rangers Programme: Donating towards this programme assists with payments for equipment, wages, uniforms, rations and training, which enable the rangers to be more effective in their day to day activities. An expansion of this programme means that the community sees a direct rise in their employment levels as we employ 100% of our rangers from within our partner communities.

5) Provision of Water to Selenkay Villages: Due to increased drought caused by unpredictable rains patterns in the last few years, access to water for community members in the Selenkay Conservancy has become increasingly difficult. Gamewatchers Safaris are assisting 2 villages located near to the Selenkay Consercvancy and have provided each of the villages with one 2,000 litre water tank and organised for water to be delivered to them twice a week.

6) St Lazarus Community School: Gamewatchers Safaris supports the school in Kibera (Africa's largest slum), which provides nutrition and education for disadvantaged children.

05 February 2015